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TranzGO is propelled forward in the Telemedicine and Online healthcare business focus.

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Transform and GO with digitization in the healthcare industry is TranzGO focus area. TranzGO is propelled towards Telemedicine and Online healthcare platform. We are trail blazers in bringing state of the art telemedicine technologies and other healthcare solutions with digital transformation that enhance productivities and efficiencies for healthcare workers, and to provide businesses with the ability to track employee’s health conditions and for individuals to consume medical and healthcare needs more quickly and accurately.

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Advancing the healthcare and personal care & wellness with digital transformation are our dedicated mission and objectives. We pride ourselves in providing advanced medical and healthcare technologies, products and services that are convenient to use, they improve the quality of life for people of all ages, giving customers the best of good health and personal wellness that are easily available to everyone, anytime and anywhere.

Our Vision

TranzGO envisions to bring intuitive, creative and reliable Healthcare Technology and Solutions that positively transform the healthcare, personal care & wellness industries by enhancing the quality of life for everyone that embrace health and embrace life to the fullest.

Ipharmerci.com (powered by TranzGO) is an eCommerce marketplace platform that collaborates with Sellers or Merchants or healthcare professionals to promote their healthcare, personal care & wellness products and services. iPharmerci.com is different, and here is why

iPharmerci eCommerce and marketplace platform focused mainly on healthcare, personal care and wellness related products and services.

Merchants and Sellers can create multiple service booking scenarios such as: a. Appointment bookings b. Rental bookings c. Event bookings d. Many bookings in one day e. One booking for many days f. Customer Time Based Booking g. Event Bookings

Merchants can sell both products and their services providing a wider coverage to their offerings to consumers of general public.