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MAWI Cardiac Services

Waterproof and Easy to wear Holter Monitor with Same-Day Reporting

Multi-day monitoring is a new standard for heart rhythm abnormalities detection. That`s why we propose up to 7-day ambulatory EKG studies without the wait using A.I. data processing and Human Expertise. Our mission is to provide you and your patients with state-of-the-art EKG monitoring technology to decrease healthcare costs and improve outcomes.

The Problem With Most Clinics

Early Holter technology allowed us to detect different kinds of rhythm abnormalities. But it is now outdated and thus needs to be redefined. Modern EKG monitoring requires longer measurements and, to keep it cost-effective, AI-based decision making support.


Mawi Cardiac Platfom

Enables hospitals to scale up their Holter monitoring capacity.

Enables clinics and individual cardiologists to add Holter monitoring to their practice.

Pay as You Use model allows to start without any initial investment.

Easy procedure administration without the hassles of affixing leads.

No additional workload - patient stance reports are provided as part of the service.

Report format provides an experience very similar to that of traditional Holter monitoring.

Doctors and hospital staff can access, review and edit the reports online.

Full disclosure data can be accessed anytime online.

Increased diagnostic yield due to better compliance and longer monitoring duration.

How it works

1. Hospitals maintain a stock of disposable patches
2. Doctor decides on the monitoring duration
3. Patch is applied on the patient by the nurse or technician
4. Patient could record symptoms in the Mawi Cardio App
5. Patients could upload data from their personal mobile phones or send patch back to the Hospital
6. EKG is sent to cloud based Mawi Cardiac Platform using our Service Application
7. EKG is analyzed by AI and additionally double-checked by our Technicians
8. Report with full data is available in Doctors Dashboard or sent via email
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Device Capabilities

So small you will forget you are wearing it

Multi sensor single-use device for cardiac monitoring designed for daily use.
• 2-Channel EKG
• Heart Rate
• Respiration Rate
• Skin Temperature
• Motion (Accelerometer)
• Up to 7-day wear duration
• Single use, waterproof and lightweight (21g)

A smart clinician portal

With our clinician portal, you’ll interpret reports and manage your patients with unbelievable efficiency.
And you’ll be able to do it all from your computer anytime, anywhere.
Cloud-based physician’s Portal is HIPPA compliant, secure, and HL-7 compatible. It provides a complete view of all patient reports and all ongoing measurements. Everything is viewed, stored, and visualized through a single portal.

Mawi Vital

Doctors choice

Clear P-wave visualisation & physician friendly reporting

Enhanced readability with clearly represented P-Wave and QRS complex combined with customized & actionable summary make it attractive for the medical professionals to review. Our reports are over-read by in-house certified EKG technicians before publishing. Our Wireless Biosensor patch filters out noise from body movements. Hence, the available EKG is high quality resulting in 99.3% analyzable data. Best-in-class deep-learning algorithm.
Best-in-class deep-learning algorithm. The report is generated by deep-learning algorithm that can detect 75+ different types of arrhythmias, plus sinus rhythm and artifacts — just as well as expert board-certified cardiologists.


4+ million hours of patients data
75 Types of arrhythmias could be detected